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300 Perempuan Surabaya Usir Rasa Panik Hadapi Emergency Rumah Tangga

i know this article is kinda late, but i think its still usefull. specially for the new parents :) 

hope there's some institution make this kind of program again.

Surabaya, okezone.com .Tak sedikit dari orang tua mengalami kepanikan dan bahkan stress apabila mengalami situasi gawat darudat (emergency) dalam rumah tangga. Korban dari kecelakaan rumah tangga tak semestinya dibiarkan begitu saja menunggu pertolongan dari tenaga medis di rumah sakit atau ambulance.

Harus ada langkah-langkah darurat untuk korban kecelakaan rumah tangga dalam bentuk pertolongan pertama (first aid).Karena posisi strategis seorang ibu di rumah tangga, peran mereka sangat dibutuhkan dalam memberikan pertolongan pertama penderita gawat darurat (PPGD) untuk anak-anak,dan atau bahkan untuk dirinya sendiri apabila menjadi korban.

Sadar akan peran strategis seorang ibu diatas, maka perlu diberikan bekalan praktis kepada perempuan dalam mengatasi emergency rumah tangga, yakni dalam bentuk keterampilan penanganan penderita gawat darurat (PPGD). Bertempat di Auditorium RRI Surabaya, minggu 27 /4, 300 orang perempuan, sebagian besar ibu-ibu didorong oleh tim trainer Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia (BSMI) agar bisa mengusir rasa panik saat menjumpai kecelakaan yang terjadi di rumah. yang masih bernuansa kartinian, dan juga menyongsong peringatan HUT ke 715 Kota Surabaya ini, perwakilan dari ormas wanita seperti Aisiyah, Fatayat NU, Muslimat Hidayatullah, dan Muslimah Al Irsyad. Juga perwakilan dari anggota PKK yang berasal dari beberapa kecamatan di Surabaya, perwakilan ibu-ibu majelis taklim, karyawan klinik sosial BSMI, guru, mahasiswa dan remaja putri.

Dibagian lain dari workshop BSMI untuk Ibu-ibu ini, juga diperagakan kejadian seorang anggota keluarga yang tidak sadarkan diri. Peran seorang ibu sangat dibutuhkan di saat hanya dia dan korban saja yang ada di rumah. Kepanikan tak perlu terjadi jika ibu tersebut mengetahui cara pertolongan pertama. Selain mengatasi henti nafas, workshop juga membahas tentang penyelesaian kasus tersedak uang logam, luka bakar akibat ledakan gas, trauma fisik akibat jatuh, anak tenggelam dan trauma elektrik. 

Sebelum workshop, peserta mendapatkan pengarahan materi berupa basic life support, emergency, pernafasan bantuan, pijat jantung, pembidaian patah tulang, penanganan penyakit rumahan, penanganan luka bakar, pingsan mendadak, terkejut, tersetrum dan luka-luka akibat kekerasan atau yang marak disebut dengan KDRT. Hadir sebagai pembicara adalah dr April Poerwanto Sp An, staf SMF Anesthesiologi dan Reanimasi RSU dr Soetomo, dan dr Kohar Hari Santoso, Sp An, kepala Ruang Observasi Intensif IRD RSU dr Soetomo. 

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Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia Cabang Surabaya
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d benefit for being smoker.. hehe (kidding)

Ever read the joke about "Cigarettes Make Benefit of Man"? Please read on below:
1. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than active smoking, to reduce these risks is the active smoking.

2. Avoid the evil deeds because they never met people who kill, steal and fight, smoking.

3. Reduce the risk of death; in the news never encountered people who died in a smoking position.

4. Do good deeds; if there are people who want to borrow some matches while playing games at least have ready / not disappoint those who want to borrow.

5. Good for politeness / friendliness; If I meet such people in the place we play the game we can offer a cigarette. If base-basinya nawarin's money lavishly.

6. Provide employment for tobacco workers, doctors, hawkers,
ashtray manufacturers, factories and companies cough medicine packaging.

7. Able to reason to add salary because there is a post for cigarettes and the risk of holey clothes ignite a cigarette.

8. Can add to the atmosphere of rural / nature for Airconditioned room with smoke, so as to appear hazy.

9. Eliminate odors perfume the room for perfume allergy.

10. If the car broke down because there was no fire ngadat spark plugs, then it is ready to fire.

11.Membantu family planning program and reduce fraud because he allegedly smoking can cause *******.

12. Exercising patience and never give up because of pep for beginners
smoking is not easy; was coughing and gagging but still forwarded (for graduate).

13. For health indicators, usually people who are sick must be banned before smoking. So that smoking is definitely a healthy person.

14. Add to the enjoyment: the afternoon drinking coffee and eating cakes so delicious. Not to mention smoking!

15. Sign if it was morning, we'd hear a chicken smoking.

16. Anti-thief, the sound of heavy smokers cough at night effectual to expel criminals.
17. Helping filming nasty, cigarette use for nyundut criminals who are bound in a chair champ ... "hahaha suffering painful General ..!!!

18. Certainly more stylish cowboy films if smoking while naek horse, because if he ngupil really hard.

19. Create a youth, because it is said people who smoke heavily have not already dead ahead until old lung cancer. Other facts ... about 30% of people died in the world are smokers. 70% of his non-smokers ..!

why storytelling?

Art of storytelling which is the tradition of oral storytelling in Indonesia actually has grown since our ancestors there. And until now there is still much-loved children of this country. Along with the rapid progress of the age, art storytelling traditions / told me this, can not avoid with competition with modern culture, especially in the development of media delivery techniques.
When the first children to listen to a tale of a mother or grandmother at bedtime, but now they can get a fairy tale at any time and from any media, for example, from a picture story, a tale tapes, or events for kids stories broadcast by radio or impressions television.
However actual storytelling or telling the child until now is a great thing we need to do, either by teachers, librarians and parents.
At the moment we storytelling, children can listen as well as develop imagination and can also extend his interest to learn about fellow human beings and the lives around him and especially his own personal understanding.
Although the tale is often regarded as a hoax, hoax, a fantasy or a fabricated story Ngada and less beneficial, even regarded as a fairy tale story that makes no sense. Indeed it is less reasonable opinions and unwise. Yet if we examine more deeply the content of a fairytale story is of course very many benefits that we can learn, especially in education and manners of a noble lesson. Another advantage of listening to children's fairy tales are trained to be pro-active attitude that will continue to be developed in his life, while helping the development and growth of the soul, and creativity of the child.
It is inevitable when these storytelling activities sedkit sidelined by little began its existence by the rapid advancement of modern technology, but fortunately these days still banayk people who care about the development and preservation of cultural storytelling.
In Indonesia, although its development is a bit late today storytelling activities have started mushrooming, even the storyteller has formed a number of associations between other institutions Tale Iondonesia Preservation and Development, whose members novice storytellers, young teachers, illustrators and observers of the child.
Besides reading the book-lovers community have formed an organization container "Jewels of Prayer" (Association of Community Lovers Tale). There are kids reading Pula lovers Group (KPBA), Society for the Advancement of Children's Litrature (SSACL) and Indonesian Board on Books for Young People (INABBY) and others.
Not only in the country only, apparently with countries outside activities such as storytelling began to glance again at the American activities of a fairy tale storytelling has been computerized. Pengajarpun teachers put together a program of storytelling in school classrooms in America until the virtual world through the Internet.
Storytelling activities in Japan is now the belle of children's events, this is of interest to businessmen to sponsor the most interesting entertainment activities such.
In England and Germany storytelling activities are sometimes combined with the natural situation and environment. It makes its own attractiveness. The more interesting storytellers use traces the legacy of storytelling. The story is presented is usually about the heroes in the days of glory of the kingdom.
In ASEAN countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, the activities of storytelling is one dish guidance for children in order to bring the child liked the program less interesting in Singapore membaca.Tidak storytellers many are hired to entertain the children, while their parents shopped at Super Market.
Obviously storytelling activity was not solely just be mere entertainment, but has a higher purpose, because the charged moral message of good and very meaningful to the child's mental development. Storytelling also form the easiest way to teach something to children without patronizing impression. In other words the main purpose of storytelling is to enrich the child's inner experience and teach science and education in the most simple and attractive.